Friday, May 15, 2009

Старо Търново / The Old Tarnovo

Oil on Canvas (64 x 81 cm)
© Galina Nikolova


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

As always - beautiful brush strokes and use of color. I love the cross on the church anchoring the village.

Annie said...

Well done! This is powerfull.

cardesin said...

Stunning painting!
The strength of expression in the brush.

Roy said...

Love your work

Anonymous said...

Galina, it's one of those paintings you just want to stare at and absorb. Would love to see it hanging on a wall to get a feel of its dimensions.

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Galina,
Those houses on then foreground by the river are so alive!!!!! And the curch higher up seem to bless and encompass the all village. Human and Divine all mixed together. This oil painting is exiting!!!!!!

Silver Knight said...

very powerful! love your palettte!

E Bosch said...

Excellent pictures.
Thanks for sharing.
I hope we can still see more of your work in this space.

L.Holm said...

I really like the tightness and clarity in the foreground, and the way it marks loosen and soften in the distant village. wonderful, Galina.

peter ivancheff said...


Dayle's Painted Diary-Dayle Dodwell said...

Now that is a landscape with life and vigour. Great job. Colours are wonderful.

Juan Carlos Eberhardt said...

fantastico ,un mundo de colores profecionalmente distribuidos

Elio Milay said...
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Elio Milay said...

Hello, Galina. It's lucky for us, that we can write in english. I've seen you joined the Diary of Anne Frank, in spite of my version is in spanish... As well as other blogs I did in 2008. You have been so kind. I praise from you.

I have read the comment you leave in my "Lennon blog". Thank you very much for visiting. And I am happy to notice that you joined my current blog too. It's great for me having a nice friend in Bulgaria. And you're such an incredible painter, I love all your works sincerely. Sorry for my absence these days. You can count on me, and consider me your friend, please.

Keep enjoying the Spring with your little daughter and painting so wonderful colours. Take care! We'll keep in touch.

calamanda said...

¡Hola!¿Qué tal?Me gustan los cuadros de
colores intensos,cuando utlizas los colores
puros de la paleta...el resultado es bonito y
causan más impacto visual.

Un abrazo.


Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Galina,
I presented you an award on my blog :)

Galina Nikolova said...

Hello dear fellows,
I am very fortunate with such friends. I don`t like the word 'follower', cause I think real art is the only reason that deserves our following.
Shall try to give my best.
Thank you all!

Dalva said...

Esse trabalho parece que você até pintou aqui no Brasil. É bem parecido!

Muito bom. Lindo!