Friday, August 7, 2009

Рози / Roses

Oil on Canvas (73 х 60 cm)
© Galina Nikolova


cabap said...

wonderful colors Galina !!!!!

Zappha said...

As soon as your brush touches a canvas, beauty if born. Love the vibrant colors.

Kim Bennett said...

lovely colours and movement Galina. Like the play of light.

Anonymous said...


Caio Fernandes said...

wow !!!!
always wonderful !!
you are great

bondearte said...

Madame Galina:
Something is changing internally, see it in the colors of his palette, they are warm and very beautiful and vibrant.
Good Sunday

Andradarte said...

Fascinado com a tua pintura!!!

Anonymous said...

"Something is changing internally"...

I agree, I agree...

I would title this painting as "LOVE PROFUSION".

Maybe the most lovely painting since the beginning of this blog. There's an incredible strength in all of them, and you know which ones I like most. The most powerful.

But this one is a profusion of love, life, light. Colour are mixed with such harmony as if the painter were the goddess Aphrodite herself. Those pinks and reds are wonderful.

I will say the same in my blog when sharing it, translating to Spanish too.


Anonymous said...

Graciela and you, my dear sister, should follow each other, I think. You both are not only talented artists, but profound minds as well. Serious and wise.

The lack of comments in my blog is a real pity. People get mute when they come up there to the Moon, I deduce. Anyways, having Graciela to comment, we are incredibly lucky.

I translate her comment.

Graciela Bello:

"Una obra muy hermosa de verdad.
Me gusta como usa la "forma abierta", es decir, las flores, las hojas, la luz, la mesa, el aire, todo se une, no hay divisiones.Y sin embargo, en esas
apasionadas pinceladas o manchas de color, se pueden adivinar todos y cada uno de los elementos: los pétalos, la luz que entra por la ventana, la alegría de estar vivo."

"A very beautiful work indeed. I like how she uses the "open shape", I mean, flowers, leaves, light, table, air, everything is joint, there're no divisions. However, in those passionate brushstrokes or colored spots, we can guess each element: the petals, the light entering through the window, the joy of being alive."

Graciela said...

Dear artist friend:
Elio has left you my comment!
I love your artworks: wonderful colors and textures. They talk about yourself.
Warmest regards from Buenos Aires,