Sunday, September 20, 2009

Към храма / To The Temple

Oil on Canvas (67 x 65 cm)
© Galina Nikolova


William Michaelian said...

I haven’t recovered yet from your inspiring Summer’s End (I agree with Ande’s comment there), and now this gorgeous piece, haunting as an ancient Armenian miniature. Such beautiful work.

Galina Nikolova said...

Well, William, I feel that you are familiar with the old East Armenian and Orthodox paintings. These churches and temples have their own an really unique atmosphere created of the combination of candle lights and the frescoes of the old eastern masters.

Thank you, I must confess that it was not easy for me to post this painting cause I knew that only a few people would understand what I was trying to explain with it. So now I feel much better now.

Thank you.

ex - il@miro said...

Very nice work!

Твоји радови ми се изузетно допадају/свиђају...посебно са сакралним мотивима...


abdul hai said...

Nice paintings

Zee said...

I looked at quite a bunch of your paintings, and they are all good in their own rights. This one though did struck me as contemplative and unique.
I also appreciated the sparse use of white shades... more later, if I actually make it, I guess I have to bookmark you to find you again. Fell on the ice today in my driveway, fucking hurts - guess I am getting old :)

(humm, I also like your choice of music

Galina Nikolova said...

Thanks Zee,
it was very hot these days so I had no time to write. Thanks. This painting is one of my favorite though some people find it somehow obscure. I don`t know, everybody meets things in his own way, some people get deeper and away but some prefer to stay by themselves.

You prefer walking and that`s why you fell on ice. Keep walking. It`s snowing again in Bulgaria. Just like in Maine.

Zee said...

Dear Galina,
Thank you for your response.
I am not a vivid walker these gays. I did run to the truck actually to get something, and bang, my ribs got cracked. It kind of hearts, nothing you can do though - just wait it out until they are healed.
My art is more three dimensional (usually) though I caught myself painting lately. I am interested to explore the world which is not completely abstract, somehow a balance between expressionism, impressionism and a very free hand when it comes to naturalism ... which of course leads to SOME kind of abstraction.
But I am awfully lazy these days, it's almost pathetic. My tools and paints are scattered around and they cry: Do something! And I just ignore the call, waiting for spring to come.
I am not in Maine right now (though I wish I were) but Upstate New York, about three hours from the city. That is were my home-base is. And right now, we had a little snow storm and it is about -10C.
If I ever reincarnate again, I will do so as a bear, hibernate, then wake up in spring and be jolly.
Well, have a very good New Year, and keep producing your fine art!
Regards, Lukas. (Zee)

P.S tried to send you a picture of my studio to your gmail address, but I have a feeling it didn't work... oh well, I might try an other time.