Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blue Dream

Watercolor, Dry Pastel (35 x 50 cm)
© Galina Nikolova

Happy Birthday, dear Elio !!


Elio Milay said...

Yes, it is happy. With You. Happy blue. Thank YOU soooo much... This is one of your more delicate works. Simply lovely. Masterpiece! I adore it.

Elio Milay said...

I take it up to the Moon... ;) And the beautiful song too... If you don't mind... :)

RUDHI - Chance said...

Youre flower-blue's refreshing my soul, Galina!

Galina Nikolova said...

Thank you, dear Elio!!
Greetings from Veliko Tarnovo! :)

Galina Nikolova said...

Thank you, Rudhi!!
Best regards!

Art said...

I am very impressed with the picture, you're good!

Galina Nikolova said...

Thank you, Art!
Best regards!

André Tavares said...

Hello Galina Nikolova

I am Brazilian photographer André.
You make beautiful pictures!
Creativity, harmony and great sensitivity
I love blue, always blue ... Beautiful painting!
Already I am his follower.
When you can visit my blog, would welcome your comments.

André Tavares.