Monday, July 20, 2009

Земенският манастир / Zemen Monastery

Oil on Canvas (73 х 60 cm)
© Galina Nikolova


Caio Fernandes said...

what a beaultiful colours and textures Galina !!!
thank you for share this one .very inspiring !

Elio Milay said...

It's like if you want paintings become monumental nature. This monastery is physical, we can even touch it, not only see it. Your painting is almost a miniature model.

Landscape is fresh and gorgeus! Love those great trees full of light and those greens surrounding. Nature and human architecture are wisely mixed. It's not only a monument avoid of life, but a living creature.

The warm monastery is even warmer between those cold colours, it's a center of good energies, I imagine it as an ancient home for sad refugees in bad times, where they can breath and shelter, before going their way.

I think your blog itself is exactly that. People come here looking for a shelter.

I'd like to be a monk now. You'd be my sister nun inside those walls, painting the beauty of life around.


P.S. The music of praise doesn't sound properly. I'd look for another one if I were you.

cardesin said...


Kathleen Krucoff said...

I just love the powerful imagery in your work. This one is a favorite!

Elio Milay said...

You should give a little more time between posts. Don't be impatient. Let them comment a lot and express what they think.

My friend Bett shares a new work every monday. That way, people have time to write their opinions.

This masterpiece deserves more than 4 comments. And people use to write always about the last painting. If you publish a new one, they don't say anything about older ones. And that is a real pity.

So give them time. It's better for you too, having a LOT of comments praising your wonders.

P.S. I made a salomonic decission about my blog: the lunar one will be public, dedicated to you and the rest of my friends, I will publish there your art, their art and the art I like from History.
Then my own drawings will be in ANOTHER blog, a private one. And I'll invite you then.

Great hug, my dear Sister, you're a genius.